There is a fine line separating reality from dreams. A girl is utterly obsessed about who she thinks is her soul mate. Her craving and desire makes her a slave to her own passion. She becomes rejected by the one she loved most. Her obsession makes her go insane. In total desperation, she jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge. While consumed in the deep of the water, she still needs to deal with her dreams, nightmares, love and fear. The WAVES will bring her back to her true love: Sarah. This soul mate will fulfill all her dreams and desires. She feels that once Sarah is found, she will disappear into her. That Sarah’s love will liberate her from her chronic loneliness of the heart and the unbearable desperation of the soul. A forbidden lesbian love story. Parental discretion advised. Explicit content.

Directed, Produced and written by LoveJordina/ Jil Love 2008

WAVES, a tale of love and obsession. from Jil Love on Vimeo.

Finally the day you have been waiting for. NOW you can watch my movie online for only 4.99$.This Film is a full body experience. Every time you watch it, you will see things you didn’t see before. It’s so complex, that you have to empty your mind and let my inner World haunt you for completely. Are you willing to surrender yourself to Love Jordina’s mind?