Jil Love was born in Tarragona, under the name of Jordina Salabert, one hour south of Barcelona, under the name of Jordina Jil. Her family valued education and sent her to study at the prestigious L’estonnac .  Her mother, Enriqueta, also loved the arts and inspired Jil enormously with her passion for the cinema. At the age of 16, Jil moved to Barcelona to learn film and acting. Two years later, she moved to Madrid. She worked as a dancer and public relations manager for a well-known club, where she had the opportunity to meet people in the entertainment industry. She was quickly   discovered by several photographers and talent agencies. She hosted several TV shows and appeared in a number of movie productions. In 2006, she moved to Los Angeles, California and began making her American dream into a reality.


Jil has lived all over Europe, North Africa and the western coast of the US but it is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she found her spiritual center working as a nurse assistant at a hospice. It was here in 2012, when she wrote, produced, directed and acted in her first and most provocative film to date, Saving Isis. Jil has since produced, directed and written 4 movies and acted in 3.

Protests continue outside Spanish Parliament

Shortly after completing Saving Isis, her mother passed away. Jil went back to Spain for the funeral after having been away for 5 years. On September 25, 2012, while still in Spain, she introduced her ARTivist social movement “Love Revolution Now” at the Madrid riots during a meeting of the Spanish Congress. She was channeling a divine force, praying half naked in front of the riot police. Cameras from all over the world immortalized the moment. She became instantly known everywhere for her action of peace and beauty. Ever since, Jil Love has been a non-stop Artivist, performing in the US and Europe. She founded her Love Revolution.


Jil LOVE REVOLUTION is an International Social movement which creates ARTivism, Art + Activism to raise awareness, motivate society and expand consciousness. Our mission is to awaken a force in those who view our images…To raise awareness, ignite ideas and incite people to action. We peacefully and artistically fight for Social Rights, Animal rights and Environmental rights.


Within the last 4 years, Jil Love’s social movement project Love Revolution has garnered worldwide critical acclaim. A Hollywood-based artist, activist, and filmmaker originally hailing from Tarragona, Spain, Love launched her Love Revolution movement during the height of the 2012 Spanish Riots in Madrid. Her performances seamlessly merge key elements of performance art and activism to provoke and engage the general public, often inciting divisive discourse between fans and critics alike upon their emergence.


A photo of Jil Love’s artivist performance in solidarity with Catalonia’s independence was not only selected as one of the “Photos of the Day” by The Washington Post, but was ultimately chosen by The Wall Street Journal as one of their “Year in Photos, 2014”. Both Nation of Change and True Activism also selected her artivist performance-protests to raise collective Western consciousness about the ongoing Palestinian genocide as number 3 in their lists entitled “18 of the Most Creatively-Amazing Protests Ever!”. In addition to these recent achievements, her unique artistic methods of passive resistance have been adopted by fellow activists and artists, inspiring thousands and inciting people to action. Jil Love is been recognized by the city of Los Angeles for her efforts and achievements.

She published her book that documents all her Artivism protests up to date. You can find it in Amazon under WE ARE THE VOICES OF THE UNHEARD.

Jil book product shot

Her motto is: We are the voices of the unheard, We are the images of the unseen.

Please donate to my Revolution so I can keep reaching millions of souls: http://jilloverevolution.com/jil-love-revolution/donations