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Jil Love Revolution creates Artivism videos and powerful images as a gift to humanity. Anybody can download and upload and share as long they credit us, because it is not easy and cheap to do what we do. Artivists must be always credited for their Art. We respect artists so they can enlighten, inspire and awaken with their Art.

The Jil Love Revolution aims to grow bigger and stronger, because of that we need more resources and funding. I need help and support with maintenance of the studio, affording a camera crew, photographers, props, website and to finish paying for the printing of my Coffee Table Book that will document all our artivisms and efforts to raise awareness. This Love Revolution is taking all my daily time, I am basically doing it all by myself. I can have regular job because I spend all day behind the computer responding to all the hundreds of emails I receive everyday, creating new topics of discussion, sharing, posting. I do the work of a full team.

My wish is to travel to other continents, other countries and spread our message of Peace, Love, Compassion, Tolerance, Freedom.

Please help me to reach out to more millions of souls on the planet by donating to my cause. You can also be part of the Revolution by making your kind contribution. Without your generosity I couldn’t have made it this far and I am  planning to go even further. Without you, the Love Revolution can’t evolve.

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